Welcome to Crystal Clear Counselling

‘Counselling is for everyone’ – because everyone is unique.  Each person has their own personal view of the world so their responses to different life events will be different for each person.  Making contact with a counsellor may seem daunting but through the process of counselling you are given the chance to talk in private with a person who will be able to really understand you and listen constructively.  Being able to talk to a counsellor can be a comfort and relief for you since the counsellor is outside your situation and will be able to listen non-judgementally without giving you advice.  This will enable you to think clearly and arrive at your own decisions in a safe and comfortable environment.

Many people are afraid and reluctant to choose counselling as an option when things are difficult and tough in their lives.  In some cases, a situation may become so unbearable that the person finds they have no other alternative but to seek help.  Reasons for this could be that you may not want to burden family or friends with your worries or they may be part of the problem and you can’t talk to them.   It could prevent getting to this point if you choose counselling as your first option.  But remember counselling can’t change the external circumstances you live in.  Counselling helps you explore strategies for coping as well as allowing you to gain some insight into your own behaviour.  These tools are valuable for creating changes and changing is what will most certainly happen through counselling.

Crystal Clear Counselling is about changing your life and by this I mean transforming survival techniques you currently have into ways of actually living your life.  No more learning how to get by, how to make it through another week or year.  Crystal Clear Counselling is about showing you how to actually live life and to let go of the baggage that holds you prisoner.  You have already achieved the first step…..acknowledging that you need change.  Now it’s time to continue the process until you achieve everlasting change….for the better.